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Working Partnerships Aimed At Preserving Oregon’s Most Important Coastal Wetlands.

In partnership with others, TWC is getting closer to conserving and restoring of over 10,000 acres of wetlands and adjacent uplands in and around the Yaquina Bay, Alsea and Beaver Creek watersheds!

A cornerstone of this effort was completed in December 2007, when TWC completed over $1 million in land acquisitions to permanently protect 460 acres of the most biologically important wetlands (and adjacent uplands) in the Yaquina Estuary upstream of Newport on the central Oregon Coast.  In the last few months, we have begun negotiations to acquire an additional 100 acres in the Yaquina Bay estuary system. Pacific Forest Trust who owns and manages 3000 acres adjacent to our new TWC preserves will be assisting us with management of our timber lands.  Together, we will manage our combined lands to respond to and mitigate the impacts of climate change, and protect and restore habitat that is essential to Brown Pelican, various shorebirds, Chinook and Coho Salmon as well as winter Steelhead trout.

In Beaver Creek Marsh, the next estuary to the south of the Yaquina, we are working with Oregon State Parks and Recreation Department to develop and implement a restoration and management plan for 600 acres of bottomland and looking at opportunities to protect an additional 1,000 acres of estuary and adjacent uplands The proposed acquisitions offer a unique opportunity to secure much of the lower portions of the Beaver Creek basin as well as the associated uplands. At the basin scale this effort not only focuses on strategy habitats/Coast Range forests critical to the ESA listed Marbled Murrelet, American Marten, Ruffed Grouse, Band-Tailed Pigeon, but on wetlands and riparian habitats essential to ESA Listed Coho Salmon, at-risk Red-legged frog, and potentially Northwestern Pond Turtle.

The activities in Yaquina and Beaver Creek coupled with our most recent acquisitions in Alsea Bay, the next watershed to the south provide the launch of a multi-partner effort for conservation and restoration of a connected system of 10,000 acres of conserved forest, riparian, wetland, mudflat and estuary lands from Newport to Waldport. This larger area  will bring together partnerships among local, state and federal agencies, watershed councils, other conservation non-profits and private landowners.



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