The WetlandsConservancy

Protecting Oregon's Wetlands


To partner with communities across our state in conserving, enhancing and restoring the physical
and ecological values of Oregon’s greatest wetlands for current and future generations.  DSC0217b

We Value

INTERCONNECTION. We are dedicated to conserving and promoting wetlands to support fish
and wildlife, clean water, open space, public safety, and people’s appreciation of nature. We
work at different scales—from an individual property to a regional landscape—to support
these interconnected systems.

COMMUNITY. We build community, creating strong, long-lasting relationships within our
organization and with our diverse partners. We believe respectful collaboration, rather than
adversarial confrontation, leads to innovative and long lasting solutions.

SCIENCE. We implement our mission through the best available science and research. Along
with our partners we collect, analyze and disseminate critical data to support wetlands
conservation, restoration and education.

LEARNING. We empower people to explore and discover how wetlands play a vital role in
their everyday lives, inspiring them to protect and preserve wetlands throughout Oregon. We
collect and share the stories of Oregon’s greatest wetlands, making room for people of all
ages to participate.


RESILIENCE. Within our organization and the partner network that makes wetlands
stewardship possible across Oregon, we are continually learning, experimenting and
adapting—enhancing the capacities of human and natural systems to adapt and thrive as
conditions change.

LEGACY. Taking the long view, we create conservation and restoration opportunities through Wood Duck 2-3-08 DSC07927wp
proactive leadership and planning. We develop the science, the restoration plan, and the
partnerships that create a legacy and instill a commitment to wetlands stewardship in future


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