The WetlandsConservancy

Protecting Oregon's Wetlands

Hart Wetland

Total acreage: 3.71 acres
Date acquired by TWC: 1989
Location: Tigard, Oregon.
Key TWC staff or board member: Megan Garvey

Site Description:

Hart Wetland is located in a residential neighborhood in Tigard. The wetland features a small stream and 2 ponds. In August 1989, 2.7 acres of the property was acquired by a fee title donation. An additional acre was acquired from the City of Tigard in a land exchange.
Restoration efforts have included restoring the stream to daylight by removing a culvert and excavating the ponds.


The entrance to the wetland is on a lot on SW Katherine St. A naturescaped front entrance has been created, including a 4' fence and native plants.

Site Management: Conducted by TWC and volunteers.


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