The WetlandsConservancy

Protecting Oregon's Wetlands

Gresham Meadowlands

Total acreage:  1.53 acres

Date acquired by TWC: October 1994

Method of Acquisition: donation
Location: Gresham, Oregon.
Key TWC staff or board member:
Megan Garvey

Site Description:

Gresham Meadowlands is a small urban wetland bordered by residential Gresham from all sides.  The wetland has three ponds, forested wetland and scrub shrub plant communities along with two small transitional to upland grass prairies. The ponds are seasonally wet in the winter and become partially or totally dry in the summer months.  In the mid 1990s, restoration work was done to improve the wetland habitat at Gresham Meadowlands.  Today, this wetland is a successfully restored wetland area with great diversity.  Northern Red-legged frogs, Pacific tree frogs, Northwestern salamanders and Long-toed salamanders can all be found at Gresham Meadowlands.  Additionally, there is an abundance of diversity in the plant life too---Tule, Cattail, American speedwell, Forget-me-not, native blackberry , native raspberry, Spirea, Red-osier dogwood, Red Alder, Oregon Ash Black cottonwood and Cascara.

Site Management: Conducted by TWC and volunteers.


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